Things That Can Slow Your Internet Down

If you can hardly stream movies online or load websites, there may be something wrong with your internet connection. Here are some of the possible culprits that can affect the quality and speed of your internet: Malware Spyware and viruses do not just pose a threat to your computer’s security. Read more [...]

The Next Big Step for Tablets

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets across the globe is rising at an alarming rate; according to a new report by Strategy Analytics, Apple shipped 14.6 million tablets in Q2 2013 while 34.6 million Android tablets were shipped in the same period. Furthermore, modern smartphones are slowly Read more [...]

Google Plus and a Few Ways it Can Affect SEO

There are two components to building a website that any business who wants to be successful should invest in: the first is search engine optimization (SEO); and the second is a solid social media platform. Both can help drive droves of customers to your business's website when used properly. Smart Read more [...]

Dropbox Encryption Flaw Forces Individuals to Encrypt Files Manually

Anyone who has been using Dropbox Encryption for a little while now knows about the different flaws that Dropbox has. Of course, many of these flaws are actually just security issues in which your data is available for anyone to access whenever they want to. This would not be a problem unless you Read more [...]

Batteries Charged With Water?

Converting water into electrical energy for small electronic devices may sound a bit strange, but it’s happening!  Not only that, but the water one might use can come from a stream, puddle or the tap; it doesn’t have to be 100% clean; and it can be fresh water or salt water.  Who thinks up Read more [...]

Keep Your Mind on Your Money with Apps

Information about your finances is something that you want to keep track of. After all, in a world where everything is online, Delayed payments are rapidly becoming a poor excuse, as is not planning your budget properly. With the following apps, you can be on your way to keeping your spending under control, Read more [...]

Tips on how to avoid Increasing Mobile Viruses

In today's world mobile phones are one of the most widely used gadgets. Mobile phones are increasing on a daily basis; this has made them a target for hackers and other unauthorized soft wares. Although mobile phones viruses are less common than the convectional PC viruses, they are dramatically increasing Read more [...]

3 Ways Smart Phones Changed Everything

Everyday when I was growing up, I used to come home from school and I would sit on the couch, watch TV, eat, and then when I was done NOT doing my homework, I would get on the computer and go to all these different websites and do basically all this random crap. I would play games, watch movies, Read more [...]

The 5 apps I can’t live without

Life has been well to me. I hope you can take a look at your life and say the same thing. One of the things that has made my life pretty manageable are the 50 or so apps I keep installed on my iPhone. I honestly do not know how I could live my life the way that I do without my smart phone. Think Read more [...]

5 Ways to Curb Your Facebook Addiction

Having a Facebook account can have several advantages. For one, being active on Facebook allows you to keep in touch with old friends and family members. You also get to see photos and videos shared by loved ones regardless if they are miles away from you. Some enterprising individuals also take advantage Read more [...]