Convert Scanned Document To Word Document: 4 Simple Steps I Use Daily

As a project topic researcher, many of my clients (mostly students in higher institutions) do ask me how they can convert scanned document to word document. Well I don’t have any option than to teach them how to do it. This has been taking a lot of my time, so I had to find a solution to put down Read more [...]

iPhone 5S Finally Arrives!

The 20th of September will see Apple unveil its latest addition to the iPhone family with the release of the 5S. Naturally smartphone and iPhone aficionados can barely contain their excitement but the real question that comes to mind is it really worth all the hoo-haa? It's been the same routine since Read more [...]

How to Make Free Text Slide Videos with Your Smartphone and PC

If you want to do your own voiceover, no problems at all. Your smartphone audio recording facility should take care of that. Remember you do not necessarily need a hugely professional work of art here - just clear and audible. If there is a nasty echo (a hallmark of cheap job) hang some clothes up all Read more [...]

No Cloud without Security: Why Data Protection is Still Paramount for Migration

According to a Vanson Bourne poll, 59 per cent of IT managers believe that a fully outsourced managed security service is necessary to support roll-out of cloud technologies, with 78 per cent of respondents citing concerns over secure migration. The revolutionary concept behind cloud computing eliminates Read more [...]

Sink or Swim in the Blogosphere: 3 Steps to Effective Guest Blogging

In today’s world, the internet is accessible virtually anywhere. Millions of people seek the web for information and entertainment; and topics and audiences vary drastically from one site to the next. The web has become a limitless data jungle— which can either be a blogger’s dream or worst nightmare. Instead Read more [...]

Indonesia’s Trend of Social Media ‘Buzzers’

We all know about the power of social media as a way to reach targeted demographics with advertising messages, however, in Indonesia, one of the world's most active countries when it comes to Twitter usage, many people are making a good living by working as 'buzzers'. Here we take a look at what Read more [...]

In the wake of the news that Apple are expected to launch a new iPad Mini with the same great retina display as the larger iPad model (along with the iPhone, MacBook Pro and iPod Touch), more and more iPad users are going to be taking advantage of this visually stunning screen. The retina display is

How to Recover Lost Microsoft Word Files

We all know the feeling, your computer freezes before you have time to save that important Word file. I know you have been thinking of how to recover lost microsoft word files. It’s a common problem but the good news is, there are many ways to attempt to recover the files that you at first think could Read more [...]

Business Apps – A Review of the 3 Best and Free Chrome Apps for Businesses

When it comes to free chrome apps designed to bring entertainment and make its users relax, there are plenty to choose from. However, most of the time, users need to get a lot of work done. There are a lot of essential tools that a worker makes use of to complete his or her tasks, but this does not necessarily Read more [...]

Why the Cloud makes great Business Sense for Start-up Businesses

Setting up a new enterprise is probably one of the most challenging tasks in business, when the costs and risks are taken into account.  Using the cloud as an IT solution makes good sense in straitened economic times, mainly because it can be implemented as a data management and customer relationship Read more [...]