Things to check out for when buying a computer.

Computer is a must have for every family, the must is not by the law, but to keep up with the latest technology, with the help of computer now, we don’t have to go to the mall all the time, we don’t have to travel all around the world before we could meet new people, we can now run a paperless Read more [...]

Effects of divorce on kids. Things to learn about divorce

People are not afraid anymore to get into marriage, because they know when things goes wrong, there is always a way out. DIVORCE. From 19th century through 20th century marriage has lost it's real definition. The marriage vows is now more or less an anthem, there have been different cases of marriage, Read more [...]

Amazing Ideas for Creating A Successful Blog Content

For every successful affiliate marketer or publisher, having a blog or website plays a significant role, in making money but many people find it difficult to come up with an idea for their blog. In this article I will be writing about series of blogging ideas, and how to develop a unique blog, that Read more [...]

Simple Blogging Method.

DO IT YOURSELF(DIY): Writing blogs about how people can do stuffs themselves, is a nice way to attract new visitors to your blog, because at this age people prefer to be independent, so they prefer to learn and apply what they learn, this does not only broaden their horizon, it helps to save some Read more [...]

How to create a forum on your website: Using Web interactive tools: Free blogger app.

Creating and maintaining a website, sounds like fun, but the fun isn't complete without having an interactive section on the website, this will not only attract visitors to your site, but will also make your members visit often. Therefore Forum section should not be left out when talking about your Read more [...]

How to Choose a Major in College.

Choosing a major in college is a very crucial decision which would have effect on your life, and what type of job you’ll do after college. In this article I’ll outline five practicable steps to choosing your major in college. Above all, whatever your decision is, make sure it is not influenced Read more [...]

How to Use FTP software for your website

Designing your website is something you should give a try, because it is so much fun, you will have the chance to edit and re-edit, it’s just amazing! But what is the essence of designing the website when you don’t know the right tools to upload all the features you need to make it a wonderful Read more [...]

How to Upload/Download Files with FTP from my website.

The FTP client software is made up of two panes, that of your local computer and the host server you are uploading to, after you’ve been connected to the internet, you will have to fill in your hosting details, such as the host name, your username and password, then you will click on quick connect, Read more [...]