Top 5 Considerations when Evaluating Unified Communications

Unified Communications is a technology the simply deal with the businesses development every day.  A broad range of applications and technology are developed to integrate communications such as Voice, HD Video, telephone services, Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Web applications, mobility, Instant Read more [...]

Business Apps – A Review of the 3 Best and Free Chrome Apps for Businesses

When it comes to free chrome apps designed to bring entertainment and make its users relax, there are plenty to choose from. However, most of the time, users need to get a lot of work done. There are a lot of essential tools that a worker makes use of to complete his or her tasks, but this does not necessarily Read more [...]

Why the Cloud makes great Business Sense for Start-up Businesses

Setting up a new enterprise is probably one of the most challenging tasks in business, when the costs and risks are taken into account.  Using the cloud as an IT solution makes good sense in straitened economic times, mainly because it can be implemented as a data management and customer relationship Read more [...]

Harnessing Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power has been a touchy subject ever since it has been discovered. In many ways nuclear energy is both man’s greatest hope for the future and his biggest fear. We have seen the devastation that has been caused by things like the Atomic bomb. Even more so we have seen how disastrous meltdowns Read more [...]

Batteries Charged With Water?

Converting water into electrical energy for small electronic devices may sound a bit strange, but it’s happening!  Not only that, but the water one might use can come from a stream, puddle or the tap; it doesn’t have to be 100% clean; and it can be fresh water or salt water.  Who thinks up Read more [...]