Contract Vodafone or Pay As You Go – Which Is Best?

The first decision one makes when choosing a plan with any mobile phone provider is choosing between a Contract plan and a Pay As You Go plan. Each plan has its own benefits which you’ll need to weigh out accordingly; remember that it may not always be worth it to sacrifice extra minutes, messages, Read more [...]

5 Ways to Use An Answering Service For Your Medical Clinic

With kids back in school, cold and flu season right around the corner and the Affordable Care Act allowing millions of people who were previously uninsured to have access to basic medical care, it's a frantic time to work in a medical office. However, you can depend upon a doctor answering service Read more [...]

iPhone 5S Finally Arrives!

The 20th of September will see Apple unveil its latest addition to the iPhone family with the release of the 5S. Naturally smartphone and iPhone aficionados can barely contain their excitement but the real question that comes to mind is it really worth all the hoo-haa? It's been the same routine since Read more [...]

How to Make Free Text Slide Videos with Your Smartphone and PC

If you want to do your own voiceover, no problems at all. Your smartphone audio recording facility should take care of that. Remember you do not necessarily need a hugely professional work of art here - just clear and audible. If there is a nasty echo (a hallmark of cheap job) hang some clothes up all Read more [...]

In the wake of the news that Apple are expected to launch a new iPad Mini with the same great retina display as the larger iPad model (along with the iPhone, MacBook Pro and iPod Touch), more and more iPad users are going to be taking advantage of this visually stunning screen. The retina display is