DVDStyler: Free DVD Creation Platform for Burning, and creating DVD Main Menu.

The DVDStyler software is a cool must have software on every pc, for people that love to create their own collection on DVD, I’ve used many other DVD burning applications but I’d this software is way more cool than others, because I used to be addicted to Nero as at last year, but with the upgraded Read more [...]

Google Picasa Application: Version 3.9 with G+ Share Button.

Picasa is one of the latest Google application developed for Pc users by Google developer. This application provides a user friendly photo editing environment, create movies and edit them with Picasa, it also allow you to upload your photos to Picasa web album. Picasa runs majorly on all window versions, Read more [...]

Software: System software and mode of operations

The hardware as we know, represent the physical touchable parts of the computer system that can be seen, this is analogous to the physical structure of human being, without the software, the hardware is virtually useless, just as without blood flowing through a man, the person is as good as dead, Read more [...]

Computer System: Input, Output and the CPU

In this article I will be discussing about the basic component of the computer system, by now you should have understand that the computer follows the input, processing, output concept. Following this concept, I will divide a computer into three main parts namely.The Input Device and The Output DeviceThe Read more [...]

Types of system software: The Translator, Utility Programs And The Database Management Systems (DBMS)

Have you been looking for where to get a detailed analysis of the types of system software: The Translator, Utility Programs And The Database Management Systems (DBMS). You are in the right place only if you continue reading this. To start off with: A translator is a program which converts statements Read more [...]

Computer Hardware:External/In-built Bluetooth Device.

This article is for all computer users, it explains in details functions of the Bluetooth device, how to use your computer Bluetooth, advantages and disadvantage of Bluetooth connections, type of Bluetooth devices and a poll on which connection method is better for file transfer.First, I’d like Read more [...]


The internet is system of international or worldwide assemblage of interconnected computer network for information interchange. It is the use of the internet that had actually turned the world into a global village. Now businesses are done through the internet, electronic mails (e-mails) are also Read more [...]

The computer Operating Systems

If your have read my previous article about the system software, I promised to write about the operating system too, so this article is based on the operating system. Over the years, the increased processing speed of the processor and its massive problem solving capabilities brought about the need Read more [...]

Types Of Operating System.

Single program operating system: The majority of small micro-computer based systems have monitors which allow a single user to operate the machine in an interactive, conversational mode and normally only allow one user program to be in the main memory and processed at at time i.e. there is no multiprogramming Read more [...]

Things to check out for when buying a computer.

Computer is a must have for every family, the must is not by the law, but to keep up with the latest technology, with the help of computer now, we don’t have to go to the mall all the time, we don’t have to travel all around the world before we could meet new people, we can now run a paperless Read more [...]