What you Need to Know about Digital Signage

Digital signage is basically the electronic display of information or messages of different orientations. Information may be advertisements, menus, television programming and what have you.  It can be found almost everywhere nowadays- both in private and public environments. Digital signage makes Read more [...]

Windows 8 Migration

Whenever a new operating system rolls around, there are a few important questions that you need to ask yourself before you decide to upgrade. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is whether or not you actually need new software at all. Operating system updates like Microsoft's recently-released Read more [...]

Things That Can Slow Your Internet Down

If you can hardly stream movies online or load websites, there may be something wrong with your internet connection. Here are some of the possible culprits that can affect the quality and speed of your internet: Malware Spyware and viruses do not just pose a threat to your computer’s security. Read more [...]

Dropbox Encryption Flaw Forces Individuals to Encrypt Files Manually

Anyone who has been using Dropbox Encryption for a little while now knows about the different flaws that Dropbox has. Of course, many of these flaws are actually just security issues in which your data is available for anyone to access whenever they want to. This would not be a problem unless you Read more [...]

Tamper-Evident Bar Code Labels: Anti-Theft in the New Millennium

It’s an unfortunate reality that problems like theft and counterfeiting are plaguing businesses everywhere. As these criminal practices are on the rise, enterprises must take steps to protect their assets. Tamper-evident bar code labels are a valuable anti-theft precautionary tactic that is often Read more [...]

EPOS – How Small Retailers can Achieve Efficiency & Increase profitability

Did you know that as a small retailer you can increase profitability and efficiency through EPOS?  For some time now, the retail industry has seen a lot of competition hence some businesses are going online to market and sell their products and services. Nowadays, surviving the competition has become Read more [...]

Why You Should Speed up Your Website

Do you have a slow loading website? Do you often hear complaints from people that it takes them forever before they can see the content of your site? If you have issues with your site’s loading time, it is best that you make the necessary moves to speed it up. A sluggish website is not good, particularly Read more [...]

Training Sales Personnel to Use Store POS System

Teaching employees to use the apparel POS system should be one of the first things they should learn when they start work. Learning the POS system means that they can do their jobs more efficiently and will not need to constantly call in the manager or the supervisor every time they make a mistake. They Read more [...]

A Doctor for Your Computer’s Virus

If you catch a virus, you immediately go for a doctor’s visit to ascertain the problem and get a solution that’s quick, easy, and that gets you back on your feet in no time.  The same should hold true with your computer; if it’s running slow, always freezing or crashes, you need a diagnostic test Read more [...]

How to Personalize Windows 8

Although, Windows 8 has an elegant mesmerizing interface, but even then you have option to personalize Windows 8 in a sleek manner. Major change is Windows 8 new interface, which rendered such unique interface. You can personalize Windows 8 in several ways including colors, background and much more. Read more [...]