In Search of a Complete Retail Management Solution

Running a retail chain is a complicated task that requires the constant juggling of multiple factors. Fortunately, managers and employees can count on sophisticated tools to help them with everyday operations. Foremost of these is the point of sale solution which integrates various aspects of the Read more [...]

Print on DVD Process

A print on a DVD is essentially the process of using a printer to create a label for a DVD or CD where the ink is propelled directly onto the DVD. In the past, people might have made labels using an adhesive paper which they then stuck onto the DVD in question. However, recent technology and software Read more [...]

Convert Scanned Document To Word Document: 4 Simple Steps I Use Daily

As a project topic researcher, many of my clients (mostly students in higher institutions) do ask me how they can convert scanned document to word document. Well I don’t have any option than to teach them how to do it. This has been taking a lot of my time, so I had to find a solution to put down Read more [...]

How to Make Free Text Slide Videos with Your Smartphone and PC

If you want to do your own voiceover, no problems at all. Your smartphone audio recording facility should take care of that. Remember you do not necessarily need a hugely professional work of art here - just clear and audible. If there is a nasty echo (a hallmark of cheap job) hang some clothes up all Read more [...]

No Cloud without Security: Why Data Protection is Still Paramount for Migration

According to a Vanson Bourne poll, 59 per cent of IT managers believe that a fully outsourced managed security service is necessary to support roll-out of cloud technologies, with 78 per cent of respondents citing concerns over secure migration. The revolutionary concept behind cloud computing eliminates Read more [...]

How to Recover Lost Microsoft Word Files

We all know the feeling, your computer freezes before you have time to save that important Word file. I know you have been thinking of how to recover lost microsoft word files. It’s a common problem but the good news is, there are many ways to attempt to recover the files that you at first think could Read more [...]

Can Tablet Technology Really Replace Traditional Computers?

Tablet devices are among the most ‘must have’ examples of consumer technology in recent years. However, they are so much more than fad gadgets, which many predicted they’d become. Today, tablet technology is a huge business tool, too. Across all demographics and uses, tablets are so popular Read more [...]

Make your e-Commerce Website Future-proof with Magento

Always wanted to have an e-Commerce website for your business but are short on funds? Presenting Magento, the platform that lets you create awesome e-Commerce websites without spending hefty amount of money. With more than 150,000 Magneto users, there is no other e-Commerce platform which can be compared Read more [...]

How to Choose a Better Terminal Emulation Program

Everywhere you turn, it seems that anyone sharing lots of information within an organization is turning back to using mainframe computers. These provide you with the access needed to programs and information across the entire business. Even colleges, like Smith College, are utilizing these mainframe Read more [...]

How You’re Using the Cloud – and Might Not Know It

What do you think of when you hear the word “cloud?” If you thought “rain,” you’re not alone – according to a 2012 Wakefield Research survey, 29% of respondents think that the cloud has something to do with weather. So what exactly is the cloud? What is the cloud? The cloud is actually Read more [...]