Sink or Swim in the Blogosphere: 3 Steps to Effective Guest Blogging

In today’s world, the internet is accessible virtually anywhere. Millions of people seek the web for information and entertainment; and topics and audiences vary drastically from one site to the next. The web has become a limitless data jungle— which can either be a blogger’s dream or worst nightmare. Instead Read more [...]

Four Reasons Why People Leave Your Blog

Caring for a blog is no easy task, but if you want to achieve online success, you will have to go to great lengths. The problem with blogs nowadays is that there simply too many of them. There are literally millions and millions of blogs open at present, and too much content being added on a regular Read more [...]

Is Blogging Going to Exist Forever?

Blogging is one of the oldest activities on the Internet. Years ago, people first started to post their "web logs" and soon the term "blog" was a permanent part of the vocabulary. Today, people just don't put up a sort of journal, but are more focused on specific perspectives, issues, and even businesses Read more [...]

8 Sure Tips on How to Increase Google Pagerank of your Blog

Many bloggers do ask "How can i increase the Google pagerank of my blog?". Yes, i guess you are asking this question because you want to survive the blogging competition or because you read it somewhere that Google pagerank update is coming up next month?. Oh!, Many blogs are being created everyday. Read more [...]

118 Dofollow .Edu Blogs with High Pageranks – Won’t You Build Your Manual Backlinks Now

In order for you to build a successful blog, you need to build lots of backlinks pointing to your blog.  Backlinks especially dofollow ones from .edu blogs or forum do help in increasing your SERPs in search engines. An increase in your SERPs would naturally increase the amount of traffic Read more [...]