Ways To Craft Better Meta Descriptions To Rock In The Search Engines

You have probably heard many times: When it comes to creating a search engine optimized content, it is crucial that you always write for the users first and the search engines second. Similarly, it is also true that the meta descriptions should be compelling and action-oriented for all the web pages.

An effective and well written meta description can give a great advantage to your website in SERP’s (search Engine result Pages) leading to more number of clicks to your website, where you have the greater chances to convert the visitor into customer.

Here is a look at some of the ways you can begin to craft better meta descriptions for your website that will result in more click trough’s to your website.

Limit it up to 160 characters or less: It is true that it is a real challenge when trying to write the perfect description within this character limit but going over this character limit leads to cutting off your description in SERP. Avoid the breaks in mid of sentences in your description to stay within this character limit. Hence present a complete and meaningful statement that inspires the users to click.

  • Articulate your value proposition : For every meta description that you write, you need to think about the user and then write. You might think that, “but what is here for me?” This is the point where your value proposition comes into action and should be utilized to articulate what you exactly have to offer in relation to the product or service for which you are writing the description. Try to make your value proposition unique from your competitors, devote time and do the comparisons of meta descriptions to evaluate what your competitors are saying in their descriptions, and then write the better one.
  • Make it inviting : As per my previous point, write for the users first not for search engines, the reason behind this is to make your meta descriptions and web copy inviting or welcoming, not awkward. Stringing your keywords together with no sense or meaning won’t get you far in the search engine result pages, even if you rank in the top 3 results for the keywords or phrases you are targeting. Therefore, you have to make your description meaningful and inviting.
  • Incorporate an offer or a call to action : The meta description of your website is essentially an ad in the SERPs, especially when your website ranks at the top, just below the paid ads. Make it work for you by incorporating an offer or call to action at the end of the Meta description and boost your click-through rate.
  • Include some Name Dropping : For some specific industries, dropping some of the names of clients, brands, vendors or any certifications that your company is associated with can make it more compelling. Don’t forget the above mentioned tips, be creative and try to include this along with the other (above) important points.

Summary : The search world is changing continuously but there is one thing that remains constant: Websites with the high quality content meeting the needs of searchers and provide them better user experience will win in search engine result pages and all this begins with meaningful, inviting and interesting meta descriptions. To make your meta descriptions efficient, follow the above guidelines.

Author Bio :- Sneha Singh is the author of this article and working with SEO Rank Smart as a SEO Executive. She continues her writing to spread knowledge about SEO Benefit for growing your business in online marketing.

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