Must-Follow Tips To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Outstanding

Thanks to such a social platform as LinkedIn, we all can increase our chances on getting a cool job both in our countries and abroad. How to make a LinkedIn profile really outstanding? What to write there in order to attract attention of other users to it? Just try to follow these tips, and create a good LinkedIn profile for yourself.

First of all, let’s check what a professional LinkedIn profile should include:

1. Your real name only (no nicknames allowed)

2. Your professional photo (as far as you understand, your pic in a swimming suit will not be appropriate here)

3. A catchy headline with some keywords people could find you for

4. A relevant contact information (e-mails or phone numbers)

5. All your achievements (your publications links or your presentations videos)

6. Your customized profile URL

7. Your skills, projects, groups, and volunteer experience, if you have any

As you see, this is a general information, that every LinkedIn profile will definitely have, if its owner wants to attract people’s attention and tell everyone, why he is a good and experienced employee. But if you want your profile looked outstanding, check the next tips to follow:

a) Your brand

You are here to sell yourself, so, make yourself a real brand. Certainly, it may be difficult to do if you work on someone, and your boss does not allow you to use some names for example. But it becomes very easy, if you are your own boss now.

Go to the Summary, and tell there about everything that makes you so special and skillful. Sell yourself as a professional, and share the information about what makes you so good at job. Here you can write whatever you want, because this part of your profile does not have any limits. Just think of yourself being a brand, and try to represent it as well as possible.

b) How will they find you?

One of the most important aspect of your LinkedIn profile should be the ability of other people to find it fast. So, you should think of how to make your profile searchable, and keywords will help you here for sure.

What keywords to use, and where to use them?

  • Your name (it should be present in the URL of your page)

  • Job title

  • Summary

c) Your experience

Your LinkedIn profile differs from your Facebook or Twitter, because it’s a kind of your resume, where you should highlight your knowledge, qualities, and skills if you want to be found and hired. So, take care of writing all them down to your profile.

Describe your job experience, using keywords for recruiters to find you faster. You can also add some samples of your work to your profile for HR managers to see what you can (literally). Make you profile differ from other ones, and share your experience in some special way.

d) Your recommendations

No, we do not tell you to recommend yourself or your products to your potential employers. We talk about recommendations YOU need from others. You will agree, that your chances of being hired would increase much, if you had some recommendations on your LinkedIn page, would not you?

Just talk to your previous employers, who are on LinkedIn as well. Ask if any of them could give you some recommendations and write them on your page. They can tell others, why you should be hired, what you do really well… It would be a kind of advertisement for you.

e) Your interaction

LinkedIn is professional, but still a network. So, it is created for people’s interaction; and if you want to be noticed, you should stay active and up-to-date there. So, try to update your profile as often as it is needed, and interact with other people to increase your chances to be noticed.

  • Create your own group

  • Share interesting links

  • Contact people you know, and invite them to join your professional network

As you can see, an outstanding profile on LinkedIn is not a myth, and it is not very difficult to create it. Try to follow the tips given above, stay active, behave professionally even if you are online, and you will see how your future cool boss will knock at your “door” and invite you to work with him.

Your resume is not enough to get a good job today, because more and more employers start searching for new workers online today. So, your task here is to have a really professional online presence, as the photos of your pets and favourite actors will not be enough to impress your future boss.

Author Bio: By Alex Strike, a passionate essay writer from .

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