Top 5 Considerations when Evaluating Unified Communications

Unified Communications is a technology the simply deal with the businesses development every day.  A broad range of applications and technology are developed to integrate communications such as Voice, HD Video, telephone services, Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Web applications, mobility, Instant messaging, Calendar, Collaboration and E-mail. UC is not a single product, but a bunch of products. These Applications are connected under an Infrastructure for the high range of performance, to improve the user interface and user experience across several devices and media types.

Top 5 Considerations

1. Investment Protection

A primary requirement is that your office software products should be preserved, both UC solution expands and also now.

Major areas to consider are Office applications, Desktop Applications, Comprehensive presence, Comprehensive connectivity, IT Experience, Identity System and Network. These are the major areas to consider during the investment on UC.

2. Support for Mobile Devices

In 2010, 3.6 billion mobile phones where developed, around 50% of them capable of accessing the internet and by 2013 the smart phones are expected to become most common device for accessing internet.

Considerations that are included for the support of mobile devices are Native Clients, Regular Updates, Comprehensive functionality, Cost Avoidance, Compliance and governance.

3. Support for Consumer Platforms

Unified Communications should support for emerging consumer platforms. According to recent surveys, up to 80% of the Fortune 100 and 60% of the Fortune 500 IT companies claim to have tablet users. Last year, Kraft Foods implemented a “bring-your-own-device-to-work” policy for their employees, thus bring flexibility and control across the employees.

Considerations for the support for emerging consumer platforms are Enterprise-class control, Consumer Choice, New applications models, Vendor-backed support, and Future device support

4. Support for Video

Video is rapidly transforming to different formats from niche to mainstream. Last year, the number that is projected to increase more than 90% by Cisco Visual Networking Index. UC should have equal preference like text and voice chat for video. But video is not a “one-size-fits-all” from the development point of view. So improving the infrastructure for handling the video requirements will have stronger demands for visual applications. Some major considerations for video are Video is different, Communication, Content distribution, Collaboration and End to End issue.

5. Security

Security is one of the main essential part to any UC development, like giving trends for mobility, consumer devices and social software. Sharing of information are done at wide range in the UC, so security should be properly infrastructured for the convenience with the user. Considerations are Pervasive Control, Pervasive access, Survivability.

We believe that “business process” move toward the integrating Unified Communications functionality can effect in bottom line reimbursement that are an order of size greater than those possible by personal productivity methods alone. So Unified Communications is one of the best ways for developing the business.

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