Best Tools to Measure and Track your Influence Online

Measuring your influence online is not easy because you are trying to take a survey where nobody responds. It is possible to monitor the online markers for popularity and influence and track them to see how popular or influential a person, businesses or website may be. The tools below are all pretty good, but they all work using different factors and different markers. This is because it is hard to tell what is important regarding online influence and what is not. The tools listed below take a jolly good swipe at measuring what they perceive to be your online influence.

Kred :

It has a cute name for what it does. It measures your influence (your credibility) online, but it does it mostly through Twitter and Facebook. The tool is not a bad one if you are willing to put up with the hard to use interface. It is not that it is hard to use, more that it can be confusing if you are not used to it. The tracking tool is used to measure your influence on the two biggest social media networks on the planet, which is not bad when all is said and done.

Klout :

This tool is good video tracking your online influence. It has a number of factors that it uses to judge you, which includes a fair amount of social media network monitoring. It helps you to figure out how influential you are and how well known you are. You can create a free account and then identify which websites are yours and what your social media profiles are (and where they are). It accumulates information about how popular you are across different social media networks and domains and it then gives you a score. Your score does go up if you connect more and more social media accounts to your Klout account.

PROskore :

This is a tool that measures your online reputation by analyzing your popularity as per websites linked to Google and referenced for applicable words. It also checks up on you over the social media networks, and it analyses your background, although that part is a little unclear as they do not specify what your background refers to. A person using the site may also receive referrals from other people using the site r the tool, and you yourself may refer people to a business of a person on the site or using the tool. They give you a score/grade according to your website and its popularity, but you may also improve your score by taking part a little more on the website. If you get a high score, then more people on the site may want to work with you.

Google Analytics :

It is a little unfair to do a list like this and not mention one of the best free online tools of all time. You can use the information you get from your website to see how popular you may be online. Things such as page hits and bounce rate may be factors you may consider, but you can also consider how many organic backlinks that you get or how many people come over to you from locations that are not search engines. You may even judge your popularity by how often people Google you on the Google search engine.

Traackr :

You can use this tool to measure just how influential your website or you really are. It is all about helping you to build up your influence and your presence online. You can build up your reach and monitor it at the same time. It shows you scores and analytics that will help you figure out how well you are doing. It helps you to find out what things influence people and what influencing tools you may use, along with which ones have helped you out in the past.

Hootsuite :

If you thought that this was a social media network management tool, then you would be right. However, amongst its other features it also has an analytics side to it. The information that you get from this section may be used to measure or judge how influential you are online.

PeerIndex :

This is a tool that allows you to create an account and then link all of your social media profiles to it. It gives you details on how popular you are on the social media sites and also gives you a list of the topics that you are popular/influential on. This is quite important, as some tools on this list may register you as popular when the things that people are talking about do not involve your product or service. At least with this tool you can see if you are popular in the right things.

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