Convert Scanned Document To Word Document: 4 Simple Steps I Use Daily

As a project topic researcher , many of my clients (mostly students in higher institutions) do ask me how they can convert scanned document to word document .

Well I don’t have any option than to teach them how to do it. This has been taking a lot of my time, so I had to find a solution to put down their burden on me.

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This is why I decided to write a detailed article on this topic. In subsequent time this question is asked from me or anywhere on the internet, I will direct them to this web page so that they can learn and do it on their own.

I guess you said “I am smart”? Yeah I am. This is going to serve as a source of additional traffic to my blog. More traffic, more money right ?

Without wasting much of your time, let us go into the real Steps I use to convert scanned documents to word document without spending a dime for any scrappy software.

Step 1: Scan the Document to be Converted to Word Document

This is the first step to getting what you want to achieve. You need to make your scanned documents to be available by scanning it from a scanner of your choice.

Oh! I don’t know how to scan a document. Well that shouldn’t be a problem as you can get that done by just watching the youtube video below:

Step 2: Fire Up Your One Note 2007 from Microsoft Office

Most people including me used to underrate the power of Microsoft Office One Note 2007 until I discover how to use it to convert my scanned document to text. You need to have this installed into your PC before achieving your aim.

You need to load up the document(s) in One Note by just copying it from where it is saved after been scanned from the scanner on your PC as seen below

Step 3: Copy the Text in the Scanned Document Directly from One Note

After the scanned document is already loaded on Ms Office One Note 2007, you need to Right Click on the document. After doing this, a list of menu should show up if properly done well. Select “ Copy Text From Picture ”. Then wait for the copied text to load before going ahead.

Step 4: Paste the Copied Text in NotePad or Ms Office 2003/2007/2010 or 2013 for Final Editing

In this last stage of these tips, you have to paid the copied text into the software where you will eventually make use of the copied text, be it Notepad, Ms Office 2003/2007/2010 or 2013 e.t.c. for final editing.

From the scanned document in Step 2 above, the final result of what was copied  from text and pasted in Ms Office 2003 is shown below:

Viola, there you have your scanned document easily converted to text document.

Your Turn

There you have the 4 Detailed Steps on how to Convert Scanned Document to Word Document. I hope the guide is helpful. In case you have one  tips or the other you use to achieve this same aim, please kindly share your secret by commenting below.

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