How to Make Free Text Slide Videos with Your Smartphone and PC

If you want to do your own voiceover, no problems at all. Your smartphone audio recording facility should take care of that. Remember you do not necessarily need a hugely professional work of art here – just clear and audible. If there is a nasty echo (a hallmark of cheap job) hang some clothes up all around the room, or better yet, some fleece blankets. They will significantly dull any nasty reverberations.

So you have an MP3 – Next Stop – Titling!

The industry leader in easiness here is Camtasia. Seriously, nothing makes this easier than this fantastic program. Slideshows fall together in seconds, with that perfect text and before you know it You have all the words right there. The Big problem is… It costs a little. And that’s not what we are focusing on here. If you have it, start here if not…

We want to do it for free ideally! So how can we do this?

An option is the free basic video software that come with your general computers. Most people have a Mac or PC, don’t they? Well, start by checking if your machine has Windows Movie Maker (PC) or iMovie (Mac). Both will do the job just fine. All you are looking for is something in which you can add blocks of text one after the other, and the ability to add music. If you can either of those, then you are well on your way, and more often than that, this will also include the ability to feature images in the production. Spend some time with your respective programs, and by the time I mean about 15 minutes (they can be pretty intuitive these programs!).

Another option is checking whether Mac’s or PC’s have their respective presentation software installed, so now we are talking Keynote for Mac or PowerPoint for PC. A good thing with these is the ability to create every single text slide in a static state, and get them all just as you would like them. Many presentation software packages such as these have an export to video option, but if not, you can consider two options here.

1. Screen Recording Software – create your slideshow presentation in your desired program, queue up your music on iTunes or Media Player, and press play, while manually advancing the slideshow in time with the audio queues.

2. Export Each Slide As An Image (jpeg) – then you have every single slide as a picture. You can then go to a site like and feed, in each picture in order with your audio track as the soundtrack. Hey, it’s not what the online facility was created for (it’s presumably hoping for more interesting and dynamic photo slideshows), but you are still feeding in chronological images which will be displayed in time with your track. There are a number of services like this. A search like ‘online slideshow creator’ will yield a great number. See which one works best for you and give it a whirl!

Any of the last few techniques we have discussed will result in a nice simple text slide video in a workable video format. And it won’t have cost an arm and a leg, and you will have been able to do it all yourself! Even better!

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