iPhone 5S Finally Arrives!

The 20th of September will see Apple unveil its latest addition to the iPhone family with the release of the 5S. Naturally smartphone and iPhone
aficionados can barely contain their excitement but the real question that comes to mind is it really worth all the hoo-haa? It’s been the same routine since 2007 – the iPhone would hit the market and one year later Apple would release the follow-up, which was really just a light upgrade in terms of software and power. But most things remained the same – the physical exterior in particular. Perhaps Apple likes applying that old American phrase: If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Apple is promising some major changes with their latest iPhone model. Amongst those features is the new security function known as the Touch ID which allows the phone to be unlocked via the user’s fingerprint. The Touch ID implements a laser cut sapphire crystal coupled with a capactive touch sensor to copy the user’s fingerprint impression and allow it to access the phone from various angles of pressure.

Then of course there’s the introduction of iOS7, unveiled in June already and now coming as part of the iPhone 5S . This new operating system is
designed to handle the phone’s higher specs like its 64 bit technology along with features like a new and improved Siri, enhanced photos and a brand new Control Centre to mention but a few.

The new iPhone 5S will also be faster than its predecessors and this means that it will have the technical capacity to handle the type of software and gaming applications usually more ideal for the iPad. This means that iPhone 5S users will be able to access sites like www.ipadcasino.co.nz and enjoy a host of graphically rich slot games that will capitalise on the phone’s incredible processing power. The iPhone 5S’s processing capabilities are modelled on traditional desktop technology, a first for a smart phone. What this translates into is that what users could previously only accomplish on their desktop and laptop computers can now be achieved on their iPhones.

The iPhone 5S sports an anodized aluminium covering and will come in three stylistic colours, namely space grey, silver and gold. The unit’s starting retail price is $199 for the 16BG model. From there on customers can expect to pay $299 for the 32GB model and $399 for the top of the range 64GB model.


  1. Hey Jamiu, Thanks for sharing information about iPhone 5S…………..Finally it arrived. Yes, many of them were eagerly waiting for its arrival.
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  2. Hello,

    Apple is really an awesome brand which launches brilliant mobiles, actually my dad was waiting for new iphone arrival since a long time. It’s already arrived.


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