Indonesia’s Trend of Social Media ‘Buzzers’

We all know about the power of social media as a way to reach targeted demographics with advertising messages, however, in Indonesia, one of the world’s most active countries when it comes to Twitter usage, many people are making a good living by working as ‘ buzzers ‘. Here we take a look at what buzzers are and how they are changing the way social media marketing works in this part of Asia.

What Is a Buzzer?

A buzzer is a person with a reasonably large Twitter following (at least 2000 followers), who is paid by businesses to tweet promotional pitches along with their normal tweets. Unlike spammers, these are active Twitter users who also include some promotional tweets in what they are saying on their timelines, meaning that their followers see them as interesting people to follow rather than mere advertising feeds. Some buzzers are minor celebrities in their country, for example comedians and musicians who are highly regarded by their fans. A buzzer is paid by the tweet, and will aim to drum up interest in new products, services and events that the company who hires them thinks their followers are the right audience for.

Is It Effective?

Buzzers have been shown to be very effective so far, and it is often a cheaper and better way to reach a targeted audience in places like Jakarta than using promoted tweets or other forms of paid social media advertising, because people who see the tweets tend to think of them as an endorsement by a trusted person they like to follow rather than a cold advert. Buzzers tend to send most of their paid for tweets around rush hour, because Jakarta has very serious traffic congestion problems and many people are active on Twitter on their smartphones while they are stuck in jams.

Would It Work In the UK?

Indonesian audiences seem to be more welcoming of these kind of advertising messages than the more cynical British audience who tends to dismiss all but the very cleverest advertising in their timeline as ‘spam’. Also, of course, we don’t have the same very captive audience twice a day as our traffic situation tends not to be as bad and it isn’t considered a good idea to use Twitter while in the car. However, having trusted Twitter users talking about your products and services is still a very effective way to get the message out and create a buzz.

While it may not be as easy to find or hire people to help you promote your business on Twitter here as in Indonesia as the market for UK buzzers doesn’t really exist here (yet), if you can enlist people, especially those who have a large following that fits with your target audience, and get the odd re-tweet from them you may be able to harness some of the power of the buzzer practice for yourself. Of course, if you want to promote your services in Indonesia, then you can always get some buzzers on board and promote to all those bored Jakarta commuters that way too!

About the author :
Social media expert Adam Livermore is the marketing manager at Consult 3, a company who work in the web sector, helping their clients develop strong, effective internet marketing, SEO and social media strategies


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