Google Plus and a Few Ways it Can Affect SEO

There are two components to building a website that any business who wants to be successful should invest in: the first is search engine optimization (SEO); and the second is a solid social media platform. Both can help drive droves of customers to your business’s website when used properly.

Smart businesses are even learning that search engines are becoming adept as deciphering social signals and passing on ranking bonuses to websites with the right kind of attention.

The question for businesses then becomes what platforms should they invest in? The search engine that businesses should focus on is usually Google due to the fact that it is the world’s most widely used search engine. Being from Orange County, California , we’ve heard this branch into a multitude of other questions like, “What social media platform should I invest my business’s hard-earned budget on? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn?” and “Should I hire an SEO company to see if social media can further my business’s SEO efforts?”

Consider a social media platform that directly integrates with the world’s largest search engine. It tends to be used by professionals and home users, which means that the audience is widespread. It can even propel certain search results to the top of the list simply because people in a search engine user’s network have expressed interest in that result specifically.

If any of that sounds appealing, then the social media platform businesses like yours should be investing in is Google Plus .

How Does Google+ Affect Google Search?

Search engines have traditionally compared external links to the ‘popular vote’ and used it as a major ranking factor to calculate if a search result will be relevant and helpful to a search user.

This idea still persists today, even with all the alterations search engines giants like Google have made to their algorithms. The thing that has changed is that instead of focusing just on links from pages or social media platforms, they’ve decided to take more control and integrate their own social media platform with search results to create a search engine that can potentially tailor to a search engine user’s tastes.

This means that when a user decides to click the “+1” button on a result, they’re verifying that “this result is trustworthy.” For simplicity’s sake, “trustworthy” and “relevant” are interchangeable in this way. That means that a webpage or piece of content that has received a “plus (+)” now has the potential to stand higher in the rankings for users using the personalized Google+ engine.

The Benefits of Google+ for SEO Beyond Just Google+

The goal with publishing your content on Google+ and taking advantage of the plus system should be to establish yourself as a trusted author. In terms of traditional SEO, think of your author profile as a web property that could be incredibly influential in propping up your business’s website when it comes to search engine ranking positions.

Even when users aren’t logged in to their Google+-enabled Google account, they still may see your website’s results because of the power Google+ holds in terms of SEO.

For example, an Orange County SEO company may be able to rank a brand new website using just Google+ to support it. Case studies have actually been performed with this type of setup, and the ranks have held for more than three months at a time.

One of the most important effects that Google+ can have on your content is that it can help your content rank immediately. Instead of waiting for spiders to crawl it, time-sensitive pieces can be ranked, sorted and bringing in interested parties in less than half an hour after posting them.

Google+ has yet another benefit on SEO. If your content continues to receive more “+1s” from Google+ users, then that means all the right SEO factors should increase and the wrong ones should decrease.

For example, this can mean things that would negatively affect your website’s search engine position, such as a high bounce rate, may decrease as time progresses. Positive factors, such as your click-thru-rate, may also increase as more Google+ users click on your website’s result. This can lead to your website being listed as more relevant, which can then have a cumulative snowball effect in broader search results.

The Bottom Line on Google Plus and the Effect It Can Have on SEO

Because Google+ is powerful enough to influence your website’s position in low and medium traffic searches, it should be a part of any well balanced SEO plan. The numerous benefits in Google+-enabled searches can lead to even larger benefits in broader searches where Google+ isn’t directly involved.

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