Nexus 7.2: Useful Things You Should About This Device

Apple has the iPad Mini, Amazon has Kindle and Google has Nexus 7 tablets. When Nexus 7 was released, it was considered as the best Android tablet to buy. Google Nexus 7 is affordable yet it offers strong specifications. Now, Google Nexus 7.2 is the successor of Nexus 7, again the specifications of the tablet is very impressive and the price of the tablet is comparatively low. Here are some useful things about the device that you may want to know:

  • The design – Google Nexus 7.2 is definitely thinner and lighter than the Nexus 7, it measures 7 inches and weighs 290g for its Wi-Fi version and 299g if it is a Nexus 7.2 with cellular connection. So far, best on last year’s model it is considered as the lightest. Nexus 7.2 will fit perfectly in one hand and it has a black matte plastic coating. The glass display is also scratch resistant, there is no need to worry about scratches. The casing for Nexus 7.2 is also built from plastic unlike iPad which is made of metal.
  • Hardware – It runs on quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 8064 processor. It also has a 4G option and the wi-fi connectivity is built-in. There is also a microphone and front camera that can be used for video calls. The rear camera has 5MP and is capable of capturing video. These features were not available in previous version. The resolution of Nexus 7.2 is 1920×1200 and that makes it the tablet with sharpest resolution among its direct competitors such as iPad mini and Amazon Kindle.
  • Interface and Applications – Since Nexus 7.2 is from Google, therefore it is going to use Android as its operating system. The features and functionality of Android OS is undeniably great. Multiple home screen is customizable and adding app shortcuts can be done by  doing “long presses” on the  app icon. It also has the capability to resize live widgets, getting live updates from your Twitter and Facebook account is seen on the home screen. There are numerous apps to choose from and these apps are available at Google Play Store.
  • Storage – Google Nexus 7.2 has two versions of storage, 16GB and 32GB. For additional storage, you can use cloud-based  solution such as Dropbox. These cloud storages are free to download, but you can upgrade to premium services. You can also use Google Drive to store your files and other data.
  • Battery Life – One of the most important factors being considered when it comes to choosing mobile devices is the battery life. According to Google, the new version of Nexus 7 can do HD video playback for 9 hours. This is definitely above average compared to other brands and Nexus 7.2 battery life is surely laudable.
  • Other Features – Google Nexus 7.2 has GPS, accelerometer,magnetometer and NFC connectivity. This will allow you to use its Android Beam feature where two devices can easily share information and files. Wireless charging is also applicable in this device, so there’s no need to reach out for the wired charger every time you need to charge your Nexus 7.2 The wi-fi version of Nexus 7.2 is set at the price of £199.99 with 16GB storage and £239.99 for its 32GB version.


This is all i have to say about Nexus 7.2 for now. Probably you have been using this device, please share your experience with us by commenting below. Hope to see you in comments.

Author Bio: Irina Webandyou is a guest poster and technology writer. She likes doing guest posting for many quality technology websites. She loves seo and marketing things too.

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