5 Ways to Curb Your Facebook Addiction

Having a Facebook account can have several advantages. For one, being active on Facebook allows you to keep in touch with old friends and family members. You also get to see photos and videos shared by loved ones regardless if they are miles away from you. Some enterprising individuals also take advantage of Facebook to promote their business and to sell online products and services. Unfortunately, spending too much time on Facebook can also be harmful. You can become unproductive and negligent of your responsibilities if you are already spending more time checking out your friends’ photos and status updates than doing your tasks. If you suspect you are suffering from Facebook addiction, it is time to do something about it. Here are several ways to curb your Facebook addiction:

  1. Do not use Facebook as a communication tool

Although Facebook has a messaging system that you can use to send and receive messages, it is not a good idea to use Facebook as a communication tool , particularly if you are battling with Facebook addiction. If you frequently use your Facebook account as a substitute to email, you are likely to find a valid reason to keep on checking your account for new messages and end up getting stuck reading posts in your newsfeed. Refrain from using Facebook to receive important messages so you can avoid getting tempted to check your account every once in a while. Try to use your email instead. If you want important messages to arrive faster, call. With the availability of internet based phone systems, it is now possible for you to place long distance calls for free. RingCentral VoIP provider even allows their users to place long distance calls within the United States and Canada for free.

  1. Log in to Facebook only after your work is done

Logging in to Facebook and posting a status message should not be the first thing that you do in the morning because this practice can negatively affect your productivity within the day. Instead, do all your tasks first and only after you have done all that is needed to be done should you open your Facebook account and socialize with your friends online. If you always prioritize checking your Facebook newsfeed rather than finishing your tasks, you will procrastinate and end up being less productive at work. Do not let Facebook affect your productivity by making it a habit to log in to Facebook only after your work is done.

  1. Limit your time on Facebook

You do not have to delete your account to prevent yourself from spending too much time on Facebook. You can resort to just limiting the time you spend on the social networking site. You can time yourself whenever you check the messages and posts in your account by setting up an alarm that goes off after a set period of time.

  1. Use a software that can block Facebook access in your computer

To prevent your Facebook usage from getting in the way of work, consider taking advantage of tools that can block Facebook access in your computer.  The software Self Control, ColdTurkey and Facebook Limiter can limit your access to Facebook on your computer. Consider downloading and installing any one of these to prevent yourself from checking for updates on your Facebook account every now and then.

  1. Get help

Getting over your Facebook addiction may not be easy so you should at least ask for help from your family and friends. It will be easier for you to spend less time on Facebook if you can ask somebody to change your password and only give you limited access once in a while.

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