5 easy SEO tips to create compelling Infographics

SEO covers a wide range of topics, Infographics being one of them. These five SEO tips to create compelling infographics should get you started . Before i proceed, Infographics is a visual treat and an excellent way to create compelling content. Using Infographics, you can also create important links to your websites and other social media platforms. Infographics work wonderfully especially when you are on a limited budget and need good quality exposure for your company or business . Given below are some fundamental SEO tips to create compelling infographics in order to get maximum positive results from your infographics:

5 Easy SEO Tips to Create Compelling Infographics

1.)   Pay attention to the quality:

Infographics is not just about quirky images in vivid colours. There needs to be some good quality content to support these images. The infographics should be the perfect combination of aesthetics and content to attract maximum viewership.

When using infographics, stick to the topic and never stray away from it. If you feel that a particular piece of information deserves attention, try to incorporate it with the content in such a way that it looks aesthetically pleasing, while still delivering newsworthy information.

2.)   Use social media on a large scale:

Infographics when used with social media like Facebook and Twitter, help you to cover a wide spectrum of audiences. If the infographic is visually alluring while still delivering excellent quality content, it could also go viral on these platforms, giving much attention to your company. This can help your company massively by driving essential traffic towards it.

When designing the infographic, it is essential to have catchy headlines. These headlines should somewhat resemble the headlines written in newspapers. They help to generate curiosity among the potential clients.

3.)   Include a code that can be embedded on to other websites:

An SEO Expert in India suggests that including a code that can be embedded on to an external website is a great way to generate traffic. By doing this, you not only issue an infographic on your own website but you also give other websites a chance to share your work. When you write a code for others to embed and use on their blog or website, you can be assured that the infographic will be published without any errors and that the right message will be delivered to the right audience. By doing so, you can also be certain that the other websites that publish your infographic will provide a link to their viewers directing them to your website.

4.)   Try to contact influential people in your niche:

There are certain people in every niche or community that have a command over other people. They are excellent at what they do and people look up to them. Having your infographic shared by them on their website is sure to drive a massive amount of traffic to your website. You must try to contact these key influential people and maintain good relations with them. However, contacting does not mean spamming them. You must be courteous about it and wait patiently for their response.

5.)   Keep the future in mind:

While it is not bad to consider different ways to optimize your infographics, it is wise to know that the situations in the future can always change. Therefore, being heavily dependent on SEO strategies is not a wise idea. To counter this problem, the best thing that you can do is build textual links.

Infographics is a fun way to promote your business and capture people’s attention for a longer period of time. Using SEO strategies work excellently for infographics and can give your company a good boost if it is used in the right way.

Author’s bio: Katie Elliot is a marketing professional and is a well known SEO Expert in India . She has managed to come up with SEO strategies that cover a wide range of topics. Katie loves to blog in her free time and has one of the most well maintained food blogs on the World Wide Web.


  1. The amazing thing was that, you never gave links to sites where one could create free infographics.

  2. Will definitely keep these things in mind the next time i release an infographic.
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  3. To me, what makes an infographic compelling is its ability to visually tell a good story and include some key takeaway messages.

    One thing that I don’t like about most infographics is that they are too heavy on data and stats. Too much stats and data can make the infographic seems boring and overwhelming.

    I think an infographic is more compelling when it tells a story using a combination of data, stats, images, and illustrations. The secret is to organize the flow of information and data in a way that it is telling a story with characters, problems & conflicts, and include some takeaway messages to resolve the problems.

    As most studies have indicated, story has a powerful effect on people. .

    We recently did an inforgraphic on Internet privacy. Originally, the designer made it very data intensive. After adding the images and cartoons, it tells a better story.

    You can see it here, http://blog.hotspotshield.com/2013/07/22/who-is-tracking-you-online/ .

  4. I always see that people visual beings. We respond better at illustrations than the written word. Infographics have the same appeal. Information presented in an organized manner can catch attention of visitors.
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