10 Sure-Fire Tips on How to Drive Massive Traffic to a Blog

Starting a blog is easy but creating a successful blog that is heavily trafficked is one of the hardest things bloggers do experience during their blogging endeavours though it worth the time, efforts and money used in achieving it. Considering all factors that are involved in running a successful blog, driving massive traffic to a blog is also important as a blog without constant and massive traffic (visitors) is better than not existing at all.

Massive traffic generation techniques are of different tactics; some of these techniques are easy while others are tedious to carry out. One need to be focused when it gets to planning out the methods by which one will be able to get massive traffic into a blog.

Trying out some of these methods should work for you as it has been working out for others. After getting to know what works for your blog, you can actually focus on some of them in order to get the desired result which is to drive massive traffic into your blog.

Yeah, before jumping into the nitty gritty of traffic generation, let me briefly classify website traffic source into three according to google analytics which are:

• Direct Traffic
• Search Engine Traffic
• Referral Traffic

We don’t need to waste much of our time in explaining what these three sources mean as that will consume much of our time.

A direct traffic is the one in which your visitor type in your site name (url) into his/her browser directly opening your website/blog.
A referral traffic is a traffic in which a user follows a link from other sites probably social networking/bookmarking sites into your own blog e.t.c.
A search engine traffic is the one in which a visitor to your website get visited to your blog through search results obtained from the search queries they have put in search engines.

Now let go into the matter of the day which is how to drive massive traffic into your blog. The tips are:

#1. Blog Commenting: Blog commenting is one of those methods for driving massive traffic into your blog. This is usually done by people commenting on other blogs especially popular blogs. Bloggers are allowed to drop a comment on other blogs while in return they are provided with the opportunity of putting on their name and the link to their blog in which other blog visitors or commenters can visit if they find the comment very useful. To drive a good traffic into your blog, you need to drop comments that add value to the main article.

#2. Guest Posting: If you need to drive massive traffic into your blog, you need to work hard and focus on what you are doing. You can look for popular blogs in your niche by submitting guest posts to them. I will advise you to write a unique and quality post if you want your article to be published on those blogs because if the article is not, it would be rejected and you will loose such opportunity on that blog.

#3. Social Media Marketing: A lot of bloggers do get tonnes of traffic from social media such as facebook, twitter, google plus e.t.c. Sharing your articles on social media will get you some traffic if those articles are beneficial to people. This will lead them into sharing them with their friends and liking the articles e.t.c. This will eventually drive traffic into your blog which is the result you desired.

#4. Unique and Quality Content: When considering on driving good traffic into your blog, you need to write cornerstone contents for your blog all the time. Writing superb content for your blog will be of benefit for you and your visitor as it will drive direct, referral and search engine traffics to your blog. Your blog content will always speak for you as others will start telling their connections about your blog, sharing your blog in social media sites and your visibility in search engines will be prominent.

#5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimizing your blog for search engines is worth the efforts as the long term effects are very important in the life of a blog as it will be a good source of traffic generation for the blog. You can actually do this by yourself as I do or you can outsource the service for professionals who can do it for you at your convenient budgets.

#6. Leverage the Power of Question and Answer Sites: Questions and answers websites can at times provide you tonnes of traffic if you know how to use them to get the desired results.
You can try out Yahoo Answers, Quora, Web Answers e.t.c. by looking for questions being asked and try composing an article based on their problems on your blog, you then go back to link to your article. This will serve as good source of traffic for your blog.

#7. Organize Contests and Offer Giveaways: Contests and giveaways can also get your blog some traffic if its done the right way. Apart from this, running contests with powerful benefits and rewards do serve as a good source of traffic for your blog as people love free things. They will always find you by visiting your blog to see if they can win the contest or be one of the beneficiaries of the giveaway.

#8. Email Signatures: I don’t dull myself anytime I send or reply to my email contact. I usually feature my blog and forum url at the bottom of the email.

#9. Try and Link to other Bloggers in your Niche: This is not a trivial issue when it comes to blogging. Apart from the fact that linking to your inner articles would enhance your search engine optimization by making those inner articles to be indexed faster, it is advisable to link to others so that if they also have the opportunity, they will also link to you as well. When linking to other bloggers, try and make mention of their name, you may not know, they can reciprocate by linking to your own blog also.

#10. Engage in Social Bookmarking and Sharing Websites: I have reaped a lot of traffic from social bookmarking websites especially stumble upon, reddit, digg and others. You can get a full list of them in order for you to have them at your fingerprint so as to work on them. Social sharing websites such as JustRetweet, BlogEngage e.t.c. are also useful.

Yeah, you have been able to read ten tips on how to drive massive traffic to a blog, I know I have not been able to cover all the strategies for driving traffic to a blog, but I want you to share your own view on this topic by commenting below. Hope to see you in comments. Thanks for reading.


  1. yep creating a successful blog has been a challenging one especially to those multi taskers like me. I usually engage in blog commenting but not yet in guest posting

    a word of caution in Yahoo Answers. do not focus on it. three to four answer with links to your site will do every week but it should not exceed to that… i was banned from Yahoo answers believing that i spam them even though my answers are related to the question. i was answering 5 to 10 questions every week and they suspended my account considering not all answers have links to my site.
    marilyn cada recently posted… 110+ Commentluv Enabled Blogs plus their Alexa Ranking and Page Rank My Profile

  2. Your absolutely right. I prefer Blog commenting, Guest posting and more emphasize on social media bookmarking.
    GeeksWiki recently posted… Vine Makes Video Sharing More Easy For Android Users My Profile

  3. I am agree with all your points. Thanks for sharing such nice info with us
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  4. :

    Search Engine Optimization and Guest blogging are the best two methods to effectively drive in huge traffic to your blog. Though we can implement many other methods, I found that they are temporary in nature but these two methods – SEO & guest blogging have long residual effect that keeps working even when you are away!
    Suresh Khanal recently posted… My Profile

  5. Hey Jamiu, it’s good to be here on your blog and I must commend you for setting up such a great blog as this. Kudos boss! :)

    Speaking about your post, this are really great and valid points you shared and one that really would play a major role in driving huge and massive traffic to ones blog.

    I have basically been doing this consistently on my blog and it has really worked magic for me thus far.

    Thanks for sharing it anyways. :)

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