SEO Sins That Will Wreck The Visibility of your Blog

SEO or Search engine optimization is a key element behind the success of any blog. The famous mantra in blogosphere “Content is the King”, however without the use of proper SEO techniques this king can never conquer the battle of search engine. Therefore it is important that one should be familiar with the basic SEO techniques. With the major changes in search engine algorithm in shape of Google penguin and panda updates recently, the SEO game has totally changed. SEO techniques that were legitimate earlier are now considered as SEO Sin. For that reason, if you don’t want to waste the return of your SEO efforts so you should be fully aware of these sins and try to avoid them.

SEO Sins that will wreck your visibility

1. Wrong use of Anchor Text

Wrong use of anchor text is the greatest SEO sin. In an attempt to rank higher many bloggers use one anchor text again and again. The idea behind this is the false technique is to improve the Search rank for that particular keyword.  However this idea doesn’t work today. If you are using few keywords again and again so it will be considered as unnatural; thus you wouldn’t be able to improve your visibility. Likewise anchor text like “Click her” or “Check details” are not helpful for optimization. If you keep on using these anchor text techniques so you will harm the SEO of your blog.

2. Buying  & Selling Links

Buying and selling link is the most destructive SEO technique for any blog. Unfortunately many bloggers are still using this technique. They think that they are smart enough to deceive Google Webspam team. However once their blog is hit by the penalty, they leave this; but that is always too late.  It is therefore advised to avoid buying or selling of links. According to the senior bloggers, google is about to launch yet another algorithm update that will lower the search rank or remove the blogs involved in buying & selling of links.

3. Keyword Stuffing

Google’s Quality Guidelines define keyword stuffing as a practice to manipulate search engine results. Therefore keyword stuffing is considered as SEO sin that can harm your blog’s visibility. Here one needs to understand the difference between keyword stuffing and keyword density (Number of times targeted keyword appears in the post/page).

If an attempt to avoid keyword stuffing you doesn’t use your targeted keyword in content so you your post will be lacking keyword density. At the same time if your keyword density is very high so you will commit a SEO sin – Known as keyword stuffing. Therefore for better optimization you have to find the balance between Keyword Stuffing and Keyword Density. Google suggests keyword density of 2% while maximum ratio is 3% for Yahoo and Bing search engines.

4. Bad Neighbors

The concept of bad neighbors came after the google animal updates. Now, one link from a high quality Authority site is preferred on hundred links from the junky sites. While doing optimization most people ignore that quality of blogs where they are getting links, therefore they face hard time in keyword optimization and improving their page rank.

Whenever you are planning to optimize your blog with guest posting, commenting or banner ads, make sure to analyze the quality of that blog or directory. There are many article directories and blogs that offer links to spammy and blacklisted sites. In case you become their neighbor by getting backlink from them so it will spoil your blog’s SEO.

5.     Spinned Articles

Here comes the King of Blogging – The Content. At the start of this article, I said that king (content/articles) cannot win the Search engine battle without Proper SEO techniques. Yes that’s the real secret of a successful blog. However the success also depends on the power & strength of King. If your blog contains spinned articles, so google and other search engines will rank them low. You should remember that google is trying to provide excellent user experience to internet users. Therefore if your articles are unique, informative and valuable to the users so google will automatically rank it better.

About The Author: KhawajaM.Adil is a writer and blogger by profession. Currently he is working as a content manager for A website dedicated to provide information about online education , business and accounting degrees in America.


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