How To Use Airtel BIS To Browse on Your Computer (Laptop/Desktop)

As i promised on the post i made yesterday concerning How To Subscribe For Airtel Blackberry Monthly Plan i made mention of revealing how to use your subscribed Airtel BIS plan to browse on your laptop or desktop using your modem.

As i am writing this post of mine, i am using the blackberry plan to make this post for you to read and benefit from. I will advise you to follow the steps highlighted on this post carefully if you really want to use your BIS plan to browse on your laptop or desktop.
Now let me roll in the steps involved:
  1. You need an airtel modem or any other modems that have been unlocked. Personally, am using an MTN unlocked modem to do this.
  2. Create a new profile on your modem like this:

Plug in your modem into your laptop/desktop
Click on “ Tool ” followed by “ Options ” followed by “ Profile management
Click on “ New ” just under the profile management.

3. Make sure you enter the settings below:
Connection name : Airtel
Username :  internet
Password :   internet

4. Immediately after doing this, click save so that your settings will be saved correctly. Then click on “ Connect “.

5.  Once the modem has connected, then you are good to go.

P.S: I will be showing you how to increase the speed of your Airtel BIS in my later post. Stay tuned.

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  1. Felix :

    Hi, I’v got big problm wit my new aitel MF190A connected fine wen I first bought it but subsequently failed to requires me to uninstall it,reinstall it and restart d system at every session.pls help,it is frustrating.

  2. Adedapo Adeshina :

    I use mtn fastlink but l want to unlock it so as to use airtel on it.. Pls how do I unlock it???

  3. Oluchi :

    Hi, am so grateful. Was actually battling with my airtel sim on mtn unlocked modem when i stumbled on this write up. I followed d exact steps and whoops within one minute i was connected. Thanks a lot. I feel so happy

  4. Easymansms :

    Pls help me unlock this glo modem in this forum HUAWEI E303s-1 IMEI:867648012520480

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