How To Get Free Gigabytes on MTN PULSE

Today, i wish to share with you how to get free Gigabytes on your MTN PULSE plan.

Firstly, i will like to share with you a little information about MTN PULSE.

MTN PULSE is a  prepaid tariff plan where MTN allows you to make your first minute of call for the day at 40k/second, then subsequent minutes of calls are charged at 8.34k/second provided the person you are calling is also on MTN PULSE. It also has some other freebies like: pulse bonus, pulse SMS, PULSE CHAT and free midnight calls provided you have a minimum of N100 on your mobile phone.

Secondly, most people would not know how they can migrate to MTN PULSE tariff plan.

To migrate to this tariff plan: Just dial *406# or send an SMS containing 406 to 131.

Then you are now in MTN PULSE.

Now let me teach you how to get FREE GIGS:

Once you are now in MTN PULSE, to get free GIGS, you have to send:
fb0 in an SMS to 131; then

fbo in an SMS to 131

viola, you will be credited with some MB, the more you send it the more the MBs MTN will give to you. MTN will send you some messages after sending the codes above to 131, feel free to ignore those messages by deleting them.

Finally, checking the amount of GB OR MB given to you is not a problem, just dial *559#.

Hope this trick works for you.

I used this trick to get 3GB on my MTN PULSE…….. you too can try this out.

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    i have tried it it works

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    Let me give a try

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    Not working

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    It doesnt work 4 me oh hw

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