What To Consider Before Buying A Computer.

Buying a new, old computer or having to couple your own computer for a specific purpose might be a little bit tricky, and during this process a lot of factors should be consider before you decide which one to go for. This article will help a little bit on things to consider when buying a computer, check them out before buying a computer. The first question you should ask yourself is what type of task will you be using the computer for? There are different specifications based on your desired purpose, for instance if you’re planning to use the PC for gaming purpose then you’ll need a very good Video card, compared to an ordinary office computer. Below is the list of things to consider before buying a desktop computer

HARD-DRIVE : This part of the computer is responsible for saving all your documents, files, folder and program application, therefore no matter what task you’ll be putting your computer to, every computer requires a good hard drive, what may differ is the size, hard disk comes in different sizes. 80GB, 100GB, 320GB, e.t.c. The good news is that you can always use more than one hard disk on your PC, it is also refereed to as the secondary computer memory

PROCESSOR : This is another important factor to consider as there are different types of computer processor ; your choice of processor directly affects your computer running speed, modern computer have a very good processor speed ranging from756Hz to 2GHz, the higher the speed his the higher your computer speed. Therefore kindly go for a good processor that suits your purpose, If you intend to use your PC for gaming purpose, then you’ll require a processor of higher speed compared to normal PC.

VIDEO CARD : If your intend to use your computer for multimedia purpose, like watching movies, playing games, then you’ll need a video card on your computer, this main function of this card is to render images and video in their very best quality on your computer. You should put into consideration the memory of the video card; I’ll suggest that you should go for a video card with minimum 256MB or more.

NETWORK CARD : For office computers, you can do without this, the network card allows you to share files and document between two or more computers, it’s also responsible for connecting your PC to the Broadband Internet Connection. New computer comes with the network card, but check it’s functionality so as to avoid any issue.

RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY : After considering your processor speed, then the next thing to think about is your RAM, as it is one of the major thing to consider when buying a computer the size of your RAM is very important as it will be responsible for how fast your computer will run and how efficient the multi-task ability. If you intend to use your PC for multimedia purpose, I won’t recommend anything lower than 1GB random access memory, but for normal computer user 512MB is preferable, however take note that it’s not a good idea to use a very high RAM size with small speed processor.

CD/DVD/USB : Check if the computer CD/DVD drive is functioning properly, you can’t install any software application without a functioning CD/DVD drive, it is advisable to go for a RW (writer) not ROM (read only memory) as you can easily create your own disc with a RW; also the USB port is very important because most external hardware require this port for you to connect them to your PC externally.

SOUND CARD : Every PC requires a sound card, which comes in handy with every PC, check to confirm if the sound card is working properly.

Those are the major hardware factors, that your computer functionality depends on, therefore make it a point of duty to check everything out in details before paying for your new PC, if other parameters are missing on your computer other than the computer Hardware, you can easily figure out be thorough physical inspection.

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