Vogue pay: new online transaction platform in Nigeria.

Recently, a new online payment transaction platform called voguepay was launched in Nigeria by a Nigerian; it’s a real product of creative thinking. As you know that big online transaction platform no longer accept Nigerian for some years now. With VoguePay, problem of online transaction issue is over in Nigeria, because the platform is here to stay and nothing more. It’s a great platform to receive payment and also pay for products. The platform is not for Nigerians alone, but the idea behind it is to help Nigeria out with online payment issue. Recently I created my VoguePay account and have been using it for receiving payment from my clients, all over the world. This article will explain in full details how VoguePay works and how you can help to grow VoguePay, so that it would be recognized globally (just like PayPal).
RECEIVING PAYMENTS WITH VOGUE PAY :  VoguePay presents the opportunity of receiving payments from your clients, directly into your bank account, No matter the bank or type of bank account, VoguePay is pretty superb for this purpose.
MAKING PAYMENTS WITH VOGUE PAY: Now you can buy stuffs online without having to go through the hassle of credit card, because getting a credit card might be really frustrating, VoguePay present the opportunity of paying for stuffs directly from your VoguePay account. However, the number of website that gives the option of paying with VoguePay is really limited for now, as it is a young company, but if they continue at their current pace of development, before this year runs out, VoguePay will be on almost every Nigeria/Africa website.
SECURITY: Have you ever heard of online credit card fraud? That is the threat that making payment with credit card online present, and this is where VoguePay comes in. My first question when I heard about the website was that “will my card data be secure?” This question needs no more answer, when I registered my personal account with them, Vogue Pay takes security issue very serious, and I’d like to add that they have a pretty good support service.
FUNDING VOGUE PAY: After creating your account, you’ll need to fund your account if you desire to buy anything online from a website that support VoguePay service. It’s pretty easy and fast, all you have to do is login into your Dashboard and click on Fund Account under the account option, this redirects you to Etranzact secure Payment system, on this page you’ll be required to input your ATM Card details and the amount you wish to fund your account with, click ok. Immediately the amount will be debited from your bank account and credited into your VoguePay account.
MAKING MONEY FROM VOGUE PAY: Because VoguePay is pretty new in market, they present a mouth watering opportunity for members that is willing to advertise them, through their affiliate program, For every referral you make to VoguePay with your affiliate link, you’ll receive 30% bonus on every transaction profit made by VoguePay through your referral, the 30% is actually not from the new user, but directly from VoguePay.
HOW VOGUE PAY MAKES MONEY FROM CUSTOMER : This is one of the question that I do ask myself when I see a really good offer, but I go the answer to this question really fast through VoguePay website, I realize that they make their money by charging user 1% on every transactions, That’s not expensive if you ask me, e.g. When you fund your VoguePay account with #500, the total sum of #507.43 will be deducted from your account. I consider it really cheap.
SIGN UP WITH VOGUE PAY : Signing up with vogue pay is pretty easy and can be completed with a minute or two; because there are two types of user account on VoguePay, you’ll need to decided which one suit your purpose, there is no major different between the Business account and Personal account, it’s just that with your business account, clients don’t have to register on VoguePay before they can make payment, but with personal account, your client will need to sign up on VoguePay before they can make payment. Business account requires a serious verification process as you’ll be required to upload your company accreditation details before you account can be approved I’ll consider it a favor if you can sign up through my affiliate link.


  1. Thanks For this Post. I guess I’ll start Using Vogue Pay to accept Online Payments from my Clients
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  2. Sincerely, how long does it take for you bank account to be credited when you request withdrawal? Your prompt reply will highly appreciated as I need to make informed decisions.
    Makera recently posted… Make Money Online with your Payza (AlertPay) Account My Profile

  3. Please I opened a business account with vogue pay,and I have been trying to verify my account.
    I am a sole proprietor and have no certificate of incorporation. I do have a business name certificate though

    • How’s your registration as of now? I have verified my own VoguePay account and it’s also just a business name… it was a simple and smooth process.
      Just go ahead if you haven’t done so… I noticed it’s over a month since you made your comment here.

  4. Have you been finding it hard to verify your VoguePay Business Account? If your answer is YES.

    The good news is that I wrote a Detailed Article on How to Verify Voguepay Business Account:

    Visit http://tipsonpoint.com/2014/01/verify-business-account-voguepay.html

    for more details. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Thank you.
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