How to Increase Computer Speed

Have you ever noticed that after some months of buying your computer, it begins to run slow, and as time goes on the computer speed drops to a point that you begin to think about buying another one. The fact of the issue is that, the fault isn’t from the PC, the fault is from your end, and if eventually you buy another PC after sometime the same issue will repeat itself, so in this article, I’ll be sharing tips on how to increase the running speed of your PC.

There are different ways of increasing the running speed and almost every tip applies to all series of windows and other computer operating system. You might also do well by reading “Why you have a slow computer”

DE-FRAGMENTING: This is one of the most effective way of increasing your computer running speed,
by defragmenting your computer hard disk, you are freeing up more space on your hard disk which will have immediate effect on your computer speed. To defragment your hard disk, make use of the Disk Defragmenter tools located under the accessories option of your computer.

 CLEAN UP UNUSED AND UNWANTED FILES: Several times, you might have created different folder on your computer, but eventually you’re no longer using the folder/files and its content, but you still keep them on your computer, this will exhaust the space on your PC and make it run very slow, so the only way to avoid this is by cleaning up all unwanted and unused files and folder on your computer. Take out your time to check through every files and folder, check the report on how frequent you use them, by doing this you’ll know which ones are useful and the ones that are not.

 REMOVE UNUSED SOFTWARE: It’s cool to have loads of software on your PC because you never know when you will need them, but what is the essence of having tons of computer application that runs on a very slow PC? Therefore, it’s a really good idea to get rid of all unused application from your PC, most of this application requires a considerable amount of disk space, by deleting them you’re freeing up space on your computer hard disk which means you’re increasing your computer running speed. To remove unused programs go to your control panel, click on the add/remove program option and check through the list of installed program, click on uninstall to get rid of all unused programs

 CLEAN UP REGISTRY: Have you ever heard of PC registry? Registry report keep records of all programs that are executed on your computer on daily basis, because error is bound to occur during program execution, this error are reported on the registry report, which a normal computer user may not know about. This is where the function of a registry application comes in, install a registry application on your PC, this application helps to clean and fix such error, which will aid your computer running speed. There are tons of registry application software available, but I’ll recommend (UNIBLUE REGISTRY BOOSTER), I’ve been using it for quite some time, never ran into any problem with it, you can Google up “UNIBLUE REGISTRY BOOSTER”  to download it online.

VIRUS SCAN:  Your PC might be running slow probably because your computer is infected with some virus, this happens frequently if you are connecting to the internet with your computer or you connect your PC with other device frequently. When a PC is infected, it affects its functionality and decrease the running speed, to avoid this, it is important to follow basically three steps. The first and most important step is turning on your Window Firewall, this helps to block bad contents from the internet. Get a premium antivirus, don’t look for free antivirus online, buy a good antivirus and update is from time to time, the last step is scanning your virus every day, this helps to keep virus out of your hard disk and improve PC running speed.

If you follow these five tips am very sure there will be a really great improvement in your computer running. If you have more tips please feel free to share.

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